When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.
— Tuli Kupferberg

In a world where data is currency regardless of your industry, TRANSLATION matters in higher education. Are you ASKING the right questions? Do you UNDERSTAND the power of your answers? Who is BRIDGING what data suggests is possible with the individuals capable of taking ACTION?


About Will


Dr. Will Miller is Executive Director of Institutional Analytics, Effectiveness, and Strategic Planning at Jacksonville University. Most recently, Dr. Miller served as Assistant Vice President of Campus Adoption at Campus Labs, a higher education technology and consulting firm. During his time at Campus Labs, Dr. Miller leveraged data best practices to help campuses across the globe make strategic, data-informed decisions. Prior to Campus Labs, Dr. Miller served four years as a faculty member, senior administrator, and the SACSCOC liaison at Flagler College, where he oversaw the campus-wide outcomes assessment process, as well as planning and institutional research activities. Prior to joining Flagler, he held faculty positions at Southeast Missouri State University, Notre Dame College, and Ohio University. As an educator, Dr. Miller draws on his perspective as a public intellectual to engage students in courses on political science, public policy, program evaluation, and organizational behavior. He earned his master’s degree in applied politics from the Ray C. Bliss Institute at The University of Akron, where he also earned his doctorate in urban studies and public affairs. He holds both a master’s degree in political science and a bachelor’s degree from Ohio University.

 A forward-thinking data analyst and dynamic speaker, Dr. Miller presents at professional conferences focused on higher education, institutional research, and political science. Whether analyzing public opinion data from central Asian nations for the U.S. Department of State, assessing the inner dynamics of the Republican Party in the era of Trump, or creating models for effective, inclusive strategic planning, he aims to provide relevant, actionable data to relevant stakeholders. As a prolific author, Dr. Miller has written for outlets including Political Science Quarterly, Inside Higher Ed, Journal of Political Marketing, and Times Higher Education, in addition to authoring multiple books and book chapters in published works.

 Dr. Miller has served as a strategic advisor to elected officials, agency administrators, and social service agencies. His scholarly pursuits focus on assessment, campaigns and elections, polling, political psychology, and the pedagogy of political science and public administration.



I have participated in developing strategic planning for many organizations around the world. The experience of working with Campus Lab and Will Miller exceeded my expectation. Will Miller is a very skilled and experienced professional Advisor who lead a 360-degree input from all stakeholders and kept everyone focused on the outcome throughout the planning process.
Campus Labs, under the direction of Will Miller, understood our needs; effectively listened to our opinions and concerns; and coalesced the process into a highly productive blueprint for the future. The fact that no one was surprised at the outcome, is a testament to dedication to remain true to the cause. Will is a can-do guy whose level of service and engagement exceed my expectations.
Will was exactly what we needed and wanted in a facilitator. He quickly determined our needs and campus culture, and he honestly felt like a member of the family by the end of his second visit. He is directly responsible for the possible success this plan may lead us to. More importantly, he helped guide our president through his transition and has situated him in a much better place on campus. We are so thankful for your partnership.