Will Miller, Ph.D.

Data holds the answers. But are you asking the right questions?


Without data, you're just another person with an opinion.


Assessment & Accountability

Institutional effectiveness should be about more than changing just because external accrediting bodies tell us to. When processes are designed to actually provide useful data back to the individuals on campus that can impact change, everybody wins.

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Student Success

Students should be at the heart of everything we do in higher education. If they fail, we fail; if they succeed, we succeed. Yet, campuses tend to devote significant funds to numerous initatives related to helping students without knowing what really works.

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Teaching & Learning

At the center of higher education is the classroom. Students. Faculty. And, hopefully, learning. How do we measure learning today? And how do we measure student perceptions of their own learning? Do we see an alignment? Do we have the tools to help faculty be better?

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Individual data points are useful, but do they actually provide a holistic picture of what's happening on campus? How do we assure we are truly making data-informed decisions? Even more, how do we democratize data so analytics are not incumbent on any one person?

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In God We Trust.
All Others Must Bring Data.

Making good use of data in higher education depends on more than introducing a new technology or process. We need to strive to create a healthy data culture on campus.


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