Workshop Opportunities

A Hands-On Approach...

Workshops are an effective way to engage campus participants with a particular topic. I encourage campuses to schedule half or full-day workshops covering key areas of interest in great depth. Further, all workshops include pre-scheduled and agreed upon follow-ups to assure attendees are able to make use of what they learn in a practical manner.

Recent workshop topics include:

  • The Purpose and Practice of Predictive Analytics

  • Utilizing Focus Groups for Holistic Assessment Efforts on Campus

  • The Growing Relationship between Institutional Research and Enrollment Management

  • Students Engaging Students to Improve a Campus: Cultivating Students to Gather Insights

  • Planning and Executing Peer Institution Identification and Analysis

  • Creating a Culture of Assessment

  • Outcomes and Curriculum Mapping to Assure Student Learning

  • Engaging Faculty with their Own Data

  • An Assessment Toolbox: Rubrics, Formative Assessment, Exams, and Portfolios

  • Creating a Meaningful Course Evaluation Process and System

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