My Vision

Data Literacy is Key.


Without data, you're just another person with an opinion. And while your opinion is important to any understanding and conversation, it cannot hold up to the pressures presented by a data-filled society on its own. At least not like it possibly used to be able to.

In an environment where any statement can be met by some reasonably asking for proof or evidence, off-the-cuff assertions or beliefs simply don’t cut it. Claiming to not have data doesn’t fly today either. If you want to measure it, prove it, or analyze it, you can. And this runs true across all sectors of society.

We need to understand what data is, how it can empower our thinking, and how to best communicate it to others.

For institution of higher education today, it is essential that data is informing every decision occurring on campus. We don’t want algorithms to make decisions automatically, so it’s not data-driven entirely. Instead, it’s mixing data insights with human intelligence and understanding to reach the most reasoned decisions possible. And more importantly, it’s about feeling confident in the decisions we ultimately reach.

My vision is simple: help campuses understand how to make the best use of the data they have and improve the quality of data they gather moving forward. From implementing tools that lead to more efficient and effective data usage to increasing data literacy across campuses, I strive to ensure institutional progress and student success are enhanced.