Leadership Ponderings from Michigan State


I have no doubt that everyone on their Board wants what's best for Michigan State. But:

1) Being on a Board can be rewarding when things are going smoothly. But when crisis hits, it can be a lot of pressure. When you trust leadership, it's easy to be complacent. And that complacency means you end up having to catch up very quickly when things go not so well. We need to enagge Boards to be more than a group that flies in twice a year to confirm everything we are doing.

2) Trust is good. Boards and administrators need to have mutual trust. But, more and more, I see institutions struggling when they aren't seeing regular changes in leadership. Growth takes outside voices. And growth takes a few risks. If a U.S. President can only serve for 8 years, I just have to wonder if higher ed presidents should be serving for decades or more at the same institution.

Will MillerComment