Is Tech to Blame?


I couldn’t agree more, it’s time for higher education in general to make the move from Bloom’s basement. But is it really EdTech that’s stuck? Faculty want to see students reaching the upper-levels of Bloom’s, but, it’s easier to assess at lower levels. Developers could create ways to effectively—and efficiently—assess that allow students to fully engross themselves in the learning experience. But, this would require adjusting how we prepare faculty to teach and think about assessment. So, the fault falls to both sides of the equation—education and technology.

The first steps toward shifting this paradigm?

  • Clearer understandings of student development and curricular planning
  • Evaluate where learning outcomes currently fall in the hierarchy
  • Provide tools that let faculty see how it all comes together

Then we can shape meaningful improvement for a greater impact on student learning.

Will MillerComment