Assessment Consulting

Sometimes an outsider can reach a campus...

Assessment consulting tends to come in one of three varieties:

  1. On-site visits and consulting
  2. Telephone or Skype consulting
  3. Document and process review

On-site visits typically involve a series of focused meetings with campus groups related to assessment issues and concerns.

Telephone or Skype consultations involve a group meeting where we can cover a variety of topics of interest to the campus community.

Documentation and process reviews involve reading and examining assessment and planning-related documents.

Regardless of the type of consultation desired, it will include an advanced review of materials and come wiith a post-report, which will sumarize findings and suggestions. Beyond documents specific to assessment or accreditation, I prefer to also review documents that help me get a sense of your institutional culture. This allows me to best understand who you are and what you are attempting to do.

Potential topics for assessment consultation include:

  • Assessing student learning in academic programs
  • Assessing student learning in the general education curriculum
  • Assessing student learning in students services and development
  • Assessing institutional effectiveness across campus
  • Designing integrated planning frameworks
  • Strategic planning
  • Writing strong student learning outcomes
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Simplifying assessment processes
  • Assuring faculty buy-in to assessment efforts
  • Making use of assessment results
  • Assessment strategies, tools, and methods

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