Accreditation Consulting

An Extra Set of Eyes Can go a long way...

Whether writing a Fifth Year Interim Report, Substantive Change, QEP, or completing the Full Reaffirmation, having an extra set of eyes examine your document can go a long way in providing peace of mind and maximizing opportunities for success.

As an experienced former SACSCOC Liaision Officer and off-site and on-site review committee member, I am prepared to assist in reviews of full documents or selected pieces. In my on-campus role, I successfully led efforts for a Full Reaffirmation, a Fifth Year Interim Report, two substantive changes, and a level change (combined first Master's program and first online program).

My experience centers on all aspects of institutional effectiveness, student success, and faculty credentialing. But, I am available for full report reviews, as well. You will receive detailed feedback, suggestions, and unlimited phone consultations to discuss your report and next steps to be successful.

Services offered:

  • Reviewing draft documents (in full or selected standard)
  • Structuring campus committees and responsibilities
  • Designing internal processes to maximize potential for success
  • Providing workshops to prepare faculty and staff for the accreditation process
  • Examining case for compliance and reviewing for adequate evidence of compliance
  • Helping to prepare for on-site reviews

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